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Latin dancing is about having FUN! It's not about the complicated patterns, being the best, or showing off to an audience; it's about feeling the music, letting it move you, and enjoying it with the person you're dancing with! It can be addictive, a great way to meet new friends, and excellent exercise. Latin dancing is so much fun that it has transcended the Latin community and is danced around the world. In fact, phenomenal Latin bands have emerged everywhere from Scotland to Japan!

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Merengue is extremely popular and a great dance to start out with!  Its distinguishable, steady, two step beat makes it easy to pick up and still lots of fun!

Merengue is the national dance of the Dominican Republic.  It originated there, with some influence from France, Africa, and neighboring Haiti.

There are two main legends regarding how exactly the dance came about.  One version says it comes from the slaves who were chained together and moved through sugarcane fields, cutting stalks in time to a drum beat. Another version attributes merengue to soldiers who were injured during battle.  When the villagers celebrated their return, they danced with a limp to show their sympathy.

Originally, Merengue was danced in a circle, like many folk dances, but evolved into a couple's dance with more hips and less limp.

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Limit 21

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Milly Quezada


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