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Latin dancing is about having FUN! It's not about the complicated patterns, being the best, or showing off to an audience; it's about feeling the music, letting it move you, and enjoying it with the person you're dancing with! It can be addictive, a great way to meet new friends, and excellent exercise. Latin dancing is so much fun that it has transcended the Latin community and is danced around the world. In fact, phenomenal Latin bands have emerged everywhere from Scotland to Japan!

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Rueda is danced to the same music as Salsa

Rueda de Casino Salsa is a fun group dance that originated in the casinos of Cuba and is now quickly growing in popularity here in the States.

Rueda is sort of a cross between salsa and square dancing: people pair up and form a circle, one person calls out moves for everybody to do at the same time, and there's lots of partner changing.

Not only does it look super cool, it's also guaranteed to be tons of fun! So come check it out!!!

We have beginner, intermediate, & advanced Rueda programs on Thursday nights!


Rueda Classes!

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