Where/When Do I Start?



Whether you're new to the dance floor, or just want to strengthen your technique,
our beginner programs are a great place to start! These are four week progressive programs so check out our Schedule or Calendar and look for Beginner Week 1 :)

Beginner Salsa Program    Beginner Bachata Program    Beginner Rueda Boot Camp

If you are unsure what level you're at, feel free to ask any one of our instructors to dance with you and assess how you're doing.

Intermediate/Advanced classes are new each week, so jump in whenever you're ready!

Also, our Latin Addiction Parties always feature classes for ALL levels,
so even if you've never before laid eyes on a dance floor, you're always
welcome to come party with us! :)


Do I Need to Register?

Nope! Just show up, sign in, and get dancing! :)

Payment Options

New Student Specials
Welcome to Dance Salsa Jax! Enjoy one of these special deals for your first month with us!

New Beginner Students:
One Month of Beginner Programs for just


New Experienced Students:
One Month of Unlimited Classes for just $35!

Returning Students
There are no contracts, simply pay as you go :)

Individual Classes:
Classes are only $10 each
($7 with valid Military or Student ID) 

Punchcard Packages:
Any 4 Classes for $35
Any 10 Classes for $60
or Any 20 Classes for $100

Do You Take Cash, Cards, or Checks?

Yes, we do take cash, cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), and checks.
Please make checks out to our director, Ally Knight.

Where Are You Located?


We rent from two different locations:

Weekends at Avondale Dance Directions
1080 Edgewood Ave South
(On the back side of the Murray Hill Plaza, just North of Roosevelt)

Weekdays at Art of Dance
11018 Old St. Augustine Rd
(Between Wing-It and Pizza Hut in the Mandarin Central plaza)


Do I Need a Partner?

Nope! We've got you covered! ^_^ We always rotate partners in class; not only do you get to dance with everyone this way, it's also crucial for developing and maintaining good lead and follow skills!

What Do I Wear?

Classes are very casual.  Actual dance shoes are not mandatory.  As long as you've got comfortable clothes and shoes you can dance in (flip flops not recommended), you're good to go! :)

Where Can I Find Dance Shoes?

In Town

There's a few places in town that sell dance shoes.
They're usually very expensive and have only a small selection,
but at least you can try them on.

Make Believe at 1855 Parental Home Rd & also at 10950 San Jose Blvd

Dance N' Stuff at 8011 Merrill Rd


Much better prices and bigger selections are available online.
There are many, many different sites. Ally usually gets her dance shoes at


The Duct Tape Trick

Have a pair of rubber soles you wish you could dance in?
Try putting duct tape on the bottoms! (No, seriously, it really works! ^_^)

Where Can I Go Dancing?

How Do I Know When I've Mastered a Move?

You have mastered a move when you can smoothly and comfortably lead/follow it both with AND without a partner, from all applicable hand holds, and consecutively amongst other moves.

If you are unsure whether or not you've mastered all the moves in a level, feel free to ask any one of our instructors to dance with you and assess how you're doing.

You are not required to completely master a level before taking the next level class.  However, we will expect you to be able to execute all the moves that have preceded that level.

Also, keep in mind that on the social dance floor, people you dance with will tend to be more impressed by a few well mastered moves than by a vast assortment of semi-mastered moves.
Thus, even if you start studying the next level of moves, don't stop working on moves from the
previous level if you haven't completely mastered them, yet.

Avondale Dance Directions
Art of Dance

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