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Latin dancing is about having FUN! It's not about the complicated patterns, being the best, or showing off to an audience; it's about feeling the music, letting it move you, and enjoying it with the person you're dancing with! It can be addictive, a great way to meet new friends, and excellent exercise. Latin dancing is so much fun that it has transcended the Latin community and is danced around the world. In fact, phenomenal Latin bands have emerged everywhere from Scotland to Japan!

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A Few Recommended Artists


Bachata Heightz

Grupo Rush


Prince Royce

Romeo Santos

Toby Love



Bachata was born in the dark alleys of the Dominican Republic where broken hearted cowboys would go to find love.

Originally, the dance was considered to be scandalous, but throughout the years, Bachata has developed into a very respectful and extremely popular dance recognized around the world.

Various styles have emerged, such as Modern Bachata (which usually focuses on patterns) and Dominican or Caribbean Bachata (recognized by lots of fancy footwork).  Alternative styles have been created by fusing bachata with other dances.  Bachatango or Bachata Tango, for example, and Crunkchata, a fusion of Bachata, Hip Hop, and Reggaeton.

The music, however, has stayed true to its origins, still passionately portraying love, heartache, and the need to hold someone close.

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