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Beginner Special: One Month of our Beginner Programs for just $25!
Experienced Special: Unlimited Classes your First Month with us just $35!
Regular Prices: Any 1 Class for $10   4 for $35    10 for $60   20 for $100
Military & Student discounts with valid ID: Any 1 Class for $7 Any 4 Classes for $28

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Salsa Classes
Sundays @
Avondale Dance Directions

1080 Edgewood Ave South

***Moving to Thursdays @ Art of Dance for the month of June***
11018 Old St Augustine Rd

*Returning to Sundays @ Avondale in July*

4 Week Program
May: 1pm - 2pm
June: 7pm - 8pm
July: 1pm - 2pm
Never taken a salsa class before? Or maybe you just want to strengthen your foundation and improve

your technique? This is exactly the place to be!

This fun, progressive program covers everything from basic technique, underarm turns, cross body leads, new yorkers, back spot turns, & more! 

Intermediate I
4 Week Program
May: 2pm - 3pm
June: 8pm - 9pm
July: 2pm - 3pm
Think you've mastered the Beginner class? This progressive program will take your dancing to the next level! Upgrade your arsenal with these super nifty inside & outside traveling turns, left turns, basic wraps, & more!

Ladies, if you feel yourself stumbling through traveling turns on the dance floor, this is the perfect fix :)

Intermediate II
New Every Time!
May: 3pm - 4pm
June: 7pm - 8pm
July: 3pm - 4pm

Take the next step to becoming a salsero black belt!  These classes are action-packed with crazy wraps, copas, hits, titanics, enchuflas, rebounds, multiple spins, & much more!

Leave looking like a pro and ready to tackle the advanced class! 


Advanced Patterns
New Every Time!
May: 4pm - 5pm
June: 8pm - 9pm
July: 4pm - 5pm

Looking to spice up your salsa game? We've got fancy new moves every single week of the year! Keep things fresh with some new variations & smooth combinations, complete with some extra

sassy styling for the ladies! Don't miss out!
Melt some s with some
sweet new moves!


Pssst! Want to get extra suave on the dance floor?

Sure you've got lots of awesome patterns under your belt,
but what's most impressive is how smoothly you can pull those off!
We can't stress enough just how important your foundation is!
Believe it or not, going back to the beginner and intermediate classes
will help you more than anything! These classes cover a lot of really
important techniques that most don't pick up on the first time around :)

Advanced On2!
Select Tuesdays @Art of Dance
11018 Old St Augustine Rd
7:00pm - 8:00pm

Add a new flavor to your salsa! We'll break down how to incorporate all your favorite moves to On2 timing! 

Want more on2? Stay for Cha Cha!

Avondale Dance Directions
Art of Dance

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